[CS-FSLUG] cPanel and mailing lists.

davidm at hisfeet.net davidm at hisfeet.net
Fri Apr 23 02:37:30 CDT 2010

My web host recently changed his whole system over to cPanel on new (as in
different) servers. It looks like in the end it might be a more versatile
system, but at the moment I'm having trouble with it. The program that I
used for sending out almost 300 prayer letters (add2it) for some reason
doesn't want to work now.

I noticed that cPanel has a section called "mail lists", and started to
try to use that, but haven't been able to make it work either.

Does someone know of a very simple and complete tutorial on how to send to
a mailing list using this cPanel? Or is there a better idea?

David McMullen

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