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       Senators Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer, and Barack Obama have
just joined forces to push sweeping new legislation that will
establish a biometric National ID card and give millions of illegal
aliens a path to citizenship.

       At first, we didn't believe it either. Then, Graham and Schumer
made their intentions all too clear in a Washington Post editorial
they recently co-authored.

       After acknowledging that they have already met with Barack Obama to
discuss their proposed biometric National ID-Amnesty scheme, Graham
and Schumer clearly state that the pillars to their "Scamnesty" plan
would include "requiring biometric Social Security cards [for all
Americans]... and implementing a tough but fair path to legalization for
[illegal aliens]."

       Graham and Schumer apparently believe you have a very short memory.
If the statement "implementing a tough but fair path to legalization
for those already here" sounds familiar... it should. It's almost
word-for-word the same  "code-language" that Graham and Schumer and
other pro-amnesty legislators used repeatedly a couple of years ago for
every amnesty scheme they tried to either sneak past you or shove down
your throat.

       And if a government mandate that "all" citizens carry a
"biometric Social Security card" gives you cause for alarm... it
should.  Instead of controlling our borders, Graham and Schumer and
Obama, would rather control you... and we're not going to let them get
away with it.

"And That No Man Might Buy Or Sell, Save He That Had The Mark...."
-Revelation 13:17 (KJV)

       No... we're not saying that Graham or Schumer or Obama are the
"Beast" of the Book of Revelation but the passage very accurately
describes just how far this legislation will go when it comes to
ERADICATING your God-given liberties.

       Graham and Schumer, of course, attempt to dispel very legitimate
fears that their proposed "biometric Social Security card" would have
a chilling effect on your personal liberties or infringe on your
privacy. But even their 'assurances' reveal the tyrannical nature
their "Scamnesty" proposal.

   "We would require all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who want jobs
to obtain a high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security card. Each card's
unique biometric identifier would be stored only on the card; no
government database would house everyone's information. The cards would
not contain any private information, medical information or tracking
devices. The card would be a high-tech version of the Social Security
card that citizens already have."

       Then, in the very next paragraph of the article, they state:
"Prospective employers would be responsible for swiping the cards
through a machine to confirm a person's identity and immigration status.
Employers who refused to swipe the card or who otherwise knowingly hired
unauthorized workers would face stiff fines and, for repeat offenses,
prison sentences."

       Now...  can someone... anyone... please explain how this whole
"swiping" thing is supposed to work if "no government database"
will  "house everyone's information"?

       It can't be explained.  It makes no sense to say that "all U.S.
citizens" would be "required" to possess a "biometric Social
Security card" with "unique identifiers" that would somehow contain
no  "private information" or "tracking devices" and all employers
would be required to swipe these "biometric Social Security cards"
through a machine that will match the information on these "biometric
Social Security cards" (which contain no "private information" or
"tracking devices") to information maintained on a government database
which will not "house everyone's information."

       Got all that...?  The sad and scary truth is that Graham and
Schumer's "Scamnesty" proposal would, in fact, REQUIRE and COMPEL
"all" citizens to carry a "biometric Social Security card" to
verify BOTH "identity" and "immigration status"  and employers
who refuse to comply with this government mandate would face stiff
prison sentences.

       And, if you have no "biometric Social Security card," ... if
you refuse to accept it... you don't work  (and such a provision could
easily be amended down the road to exclude a person from receiving
government entitlements as well, such as Social Security checks or
Medicare benefits)... In short, that means that, IN FACT, "no man
might buy or sell, save he had the mark."

       These "biometric Social Security cards" that Graham and Schumer
are proposing may not be the "Mark of the Beast" spoken of in the
Book of Revelation but this proposed legislation is certainly beastly;
and that's why Graham and Schumer and Obama must be stopped, right here
and right now.

Amnesty For All Is Not Immigration Reform. That's Why We Called It
"Scamnesty" Two Years Ago.

       The "biometric Social Security card" provision is certainly
egregious, but the amnesty provisions the Graham-Schumer-Obama
proposal would most certainly contain, would only make this proposal
even worse.

       Of course, Graham and Schumer will try to convince you that their
new-and-improved "Scamnesty" legislation is actually "immigration

       They even give lip-service to the concept of controlling our
borders and ending illegal immigration in the Washington Post article
by calling for measures that would require illegal aliens to pay
"fines" and "back taxes." They also call for "increasing the Border
Patrol's staffing and funding for infrastructure and technology."

       Specifically, Graham and Schumer state:  "For the 11 million
immigrants already in this country illegally, we would provide a tough
but fair path forward. They would be required to admit they broke the
law and to pay their debt to society by performing community service and
paying fines and back taxes."

       Of course, we've heard that song-and-dance before. The original
Kennedy-McCain  "Scamnesty" plan of 2007 called for these same
meaningless provisions.

       For example, in regards to the "fines" called for in the original
"Scamnesty" bill of 2007, Senator Charles Grassley made the following
observation:  "Under the bill, an illegal alien can go from illegal to
legal by paying a small fine of $2,000. Often, illegal aliens will pay
more than five times this amount to a smuggler to get across the border.
Also, the $2000 fine may not have to be paid until year eight, which
allows the illegal alien to live, work, and play in the United States
for years free from deportation."

       Former Senator Rick Santorum essentially said the same thing:
"This bill is dangerous precedent and sends a chilling message about
our national integrity: America has lost the will to enforce her laws,
and her sovereignty is for sale—currently, for around $2,000."

       Today's "Scanmesty" proposal brings to mind an old Scottish
proverb: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Of
course, we weren't fooled then, and we shouldn't be fooled now.

The Provision Calling For The Payment Of Back Taxes Was A "Scamnesty" Too.

       As for the provisions calling for the payment of "back taxes,"
here's what Grassley said in reference to the original "Scamnesty"
bill of 2007:  "Under the bill, illegal aliens get an option to only
have to pay three of their last five years in back taxes. Law-abiding
American citizens do not have the option to pay some of their taxes. The
bill would treat lawbreakers better than the American people."

       And moreover, Grassley also warned us back then of the futility of
determining the actual tax liability of illegal aliens. It's next to
impossible : "The bill also makes the IRS prove that illegal aliens
have paid their back taxes. It will be impossible for the IRS to truly
enforce this...."

       And Grassley's concerns became prophetic because the Bush
Administration actually tried to gut those provisions, behind the
scenes, using that exact rationale. Back in May of 2007, the Boston
Globe reported: "But the administration called for the provision to be
removed due to concern that it would be too difficult to figure out
which illegal immigrants owed back taxes."

       Scott Stanzel, a Bush Administration spokesman, clarified the
remark, saying:  "It is important that the reformed immigration system
is workable and cost efficient. Determining the past tax liability would
have been very difficult and costly and extremely time consuming."

       And Laura Capps, a spokeswoman for the late-Senator Ted Kennedy
(the very man who championed the "Scamnesty" movement), said such a
provision  "would be too challenging to accurately determine the amount
of an applicant's back taxes."

       Of course, Graham and Schumer could argue that the past should not
be an indicator of future actions but ask yourself, has anything
changed in the past two years... is it now... somehow... possible... to
determine how much an illegal alien would conceivably owe in back taxes ?

       Of course not. The government, if it maintained the provision at
all, would effectively be forced to apply an 'honor system' to people
who have already violated our laws by entering the United States
illegally in the first place.

   'Uhhh... yeahhh... just let us know what you've been making under the
table these past several years and pay us the taxes... What's that? ...
You didn't make enough to pay taxes... oh... uhhhh... okay... here's
your refund check.'

       The more things change... the more they stay the same. This
Graham-Schumer-Obama "Scamnesty" bill  must be stopped now before
it ever sees the light of day

Going To The Back Of The Line... Yet Another "Scamnesty" Provision.

       Graham and Schumer also attempt to deceptively reassure the
American people that their proposal is not amnesty (where have you
heard that before?) by saying:  "These people would be required to
pass background checks and be proficient in English before going to the
back of the line of prospective immigrants to earn the opportunity to
work toward lawful permanent residence."

       Of course, Graham and Schumer neglect to define "proficiency in
English" or tell us exactly where that "line" will form. If the past
is any indicator the future, the line will, more than likely, form right
here in the good ol' USA.

       Back in 2007, the back-of-the-line provision essentially required
illegal aliens to go back to their home country for a few days, fill-out
some paperwork, and then return to the United States to 'wait in the

       That provision was also called "touchback amnesty" by many and it
was actually a "compromise" offered by a number of prominent
"conservative" legislators.

       As for what Graham and Schumer mean by "back of the line," read
their words again very carefully ... "before going to the back of the
line of prospective immigrants to earn the OPPORTUNITY TO WORK TOWARD
lawful permanent residence." [Emphasis Ours]

       Notice, Graham and Schumer did not say 'earn the opportunity to
legally reside in the United States.' Rather, they said, "earn the
opportunity to work toward lawful PERMANENT residence."  [Emphasis Ours]

       Same old "Scamnesty" ... different day... When it comes to
politicians in Washington... always read between the lines.

       Negligible "fines"? ... Requiring the payment of "back taxes"
which are impossible to verify? ... Moving to the "back of a line"
that allows an illegal alien to remain in the United States
indefinitely? ... a "biometric Social Security card" that may one day
give some unseen government official access to your most personal
information and allow your movements be tracked?

       That's not "immigration reform" ... that's not even "amnesty"
... that's TYRANNY ... and if we allow Graham and Schumer and Obama
to get away with it... the fault is ours.

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