[CS-FSLUG] General Advice SSDs and Linux

Chris chris at deksai.com
Sat Apr 3 11:28:59 CDT 2010

> What can you folks tell me about selecting and using Linux on these
> things?
Using them doesn't really require any work on your part other than putting it
in.  I can't tell you much about picking them out other than that some are much
slower than other.  We started testing them in servers.  We didn't really know
what to expect as far as a difference in performance.  The following couple
days we kept saying "I just just did (fill in the blank) and I couldn't beleive
how fast it was."  In environments where seek times really add up, there is no
denying their coolenss.  I'm not sure how much benefit there is on a lightly
loaded laptop though.  I'm guessing you would get the most joy when loading
large programs.

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