[CS-FSLUG] Chrome to "Integrate" Flash

David McGlone david at dmcentral.net
Fri Apr 2 07:27:54 CDT 2010

> On Wed, 31 Mar 2010 19:12:33 +0100
> Davo Smith <christiansource at davosmith.co.uk> wrote:
> > I don't know if this is optional in the install process, or even if it
> > is a Windows-only feature, but if it helps to eliminate the problems
> > of 'I tried out this new browser that Bob told me about and none of my
> > favourite (flash-using) websites worked properly', then it is a good
> > thing (the more people using a standards-compliant browser, the sooner
> > we can move away from Flash).
> >
> > Davo
> I briefly installed Chrome on my computer, I believe it was
> via rpm. Without giving me a choice or telling me they were going to do
> it, they created a .repo file and enabled it, in addition to installing
> the browser. The browser also doesn't have an option whether or not to
> automatically download updates (or didn't, since I now longer
> use it).
> At least Adobe gives you the option to download an rpm for each version
> of flash, or do a 'yum' download which creates a repo. I thought it was
> not very well-mannered of Google (Topeka for today!); so I disabled the
> repo and don't use that browser anymore.

What did Google mean by "Topeka" anyway? If they aren't referring to the 
capitol of Kansas then I have no idea what else it would be.

David M.
I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that 
I had nowhere else to go.

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