[CS-FSLUG] Did the Apostle Paul Poke Nero in the Eye?

Craig Button craigb.rn at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 17:37:44 CDT 2009

That wannabe king can be applied to many of our past presidents,
"conservative" and "liberal" and like the previous poster said, ruler isn't
the term to be applied to the President of the United States.  CEO is
probably a more accurate term to use.  As I look back on history I don't
really see much different now than in times of past.  And if you look
closely, it isn't to different than the "church" looking at the pastor as
the professional Christian.  As a county and a group of believers, we are
basically lazy and tend to expect others to do out work for us.  This
includes conservatives as well as liberals.  You could make a case for
"protection of trade tariffs" as a hand out.  

As to the statements that Obama isn't our legal president, well Elvis isn't
dead either.

There are lots of argument for and against political involvement.  Some
based on sound theology, some not so sound. There is no prohibition from
being involved.  There are however some pretty clear cut things we're
supposed to do.  Be a True Believer (not a go to church on Sunday
Christian), God first, love your neighbor, and spread the word, (not force
anyone to believe, just prepare the soil).  In all those letters that Paul
wrote, they were to churches, not the cities themselves.  When the end comes
it's not going to be countries that are saved, it's going to be individuals.
And who knows, I sure don't, we might see GW and Obama hand in hand when the
second coming happens.

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