[CS-FSLUG] What if DNS goes down?

sjm sjm.mlists at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 15:05:42 CDT 2009

Sophie Hamilton wrote:
> On 9/18/09, Sophie Hamilton <cs-fslug at theblob.org> wrote:
>> The 13 root DNS servers are spread out all over the world, not based
>>  in one country.

> Oh, and as it turns out, 7 of these 13 servers are anycasted (
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anycast#Use_in_DNS ) - so actually there
> are more like 123 root servers, but just 13 IPs. So it's horrendously
> unlikely that all of them would go down....

My guess is that the question is more if there were intervention, not 
the chance happening that it would just go down.

For example, in Ecuador up until a year ago, there was only one 
connection between the country and the world.  (I think there are now 
two or three.)  If the government that seems to be going toward more 
media control and is more leftist leaning wanted to put controls on 
those international links and block DNS to the outside and break DNS to 
some sites internal to the country (Controls maybe similar to what China 
has in place?) how would one still access some of those sites?

My guess is that the question comes more from that idea.


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