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I'm sorry but that argument also leads to no one should drive cars or fly in
airplanes.  And I'm sorry swine flu isn't a hoax, maybe an over statement of
risk in some cases, but not a hoax.  All you have to do is spend some time
in an ED and you'll see that.  How can you claim that eating only natural
will help you live longer with the fact that people live longer now than
they did when everything was natural.

Influenza is dangerous, in all forms.  The advantage with swine flu is that
we know the virus and don't have to guess what it is going to be.

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Having trouble wading through all the health advice in the world today?
Let me make it /super simple /for you: If it's synthetic, don't swallow
it! That includes pharmaceuticals and processed foods made with chemical
additives. Avoid anything manufactured and heavily promoted by large,
powerful corporations. You'll live longer and more happily as a result.

Did you know that common painkillers like aspirin kill *400% more
people* each year than swine flu has? Did you know that cigarettes kill
10,000% more people than swine flu?

The statistical fact is that *swine flu isn't very dangerous* to the
population. But the vaccine industry is touting swine flu deaths in
order to scare more people into lining up for vaccine injections.

Read all about *risk assessment* of the swine flu vaccine hoax in
today's feature article:


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