[CS-FSLUG] Restoring the Original Bible

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Nov 21 16:42:14 CST 2009

I would have liked to have thought they were kidding.

- I can't conceive of a significant theological position that is
dependent on the books' order.

- Oh, gee, it's another "easy to read" translation.  I'm not sure I am
comfortable with the idea of people who can't read at a measly 10th
grade level trying to understand the Bible in a reasonable, modern
translation.  The base problem is that there is no book besides the
Bible that we expect to be read avidly by both a 10-yr-old child and a
60-yr-old adult.  Admittedly, finding the happy medium of a grammatical
level that suits both ends of that spectrum is hard, but this hideous
insistence by so many newer translations (CEV, CEB, NIrV, MSG, and now
this) on easy-to-read-ness just makes me ill.  Are we so intellectually
bankrupt?  Really?

- "free from the influence of religious tradition and presupposition."
Bzzt.  No, but thank you for playing.  You are *not* free from religious
tradition.  Indeed, the base supposition that book order matters quite
handily *defines* it as being based on such tradition.

- There is the unbounded arrogance of the ongoing claim in the next
paragraph, that is, the claim that they alone have finally "set aside
tradition" and they alone have "restored the very truth of God"...  It's
simply breathtaking.  Why don't they say, equivalently but more plainly,
"All translators before us were lying, scum-sucking, children of Satan
himself, and we alone are true children of God."

Thanx just the same, I'll stick with NET, ESV, and NASB.  I'm not even
slightly interested in cracking this one open, especially not for $120.

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