[CS-FSLUG] Cheap web hosting

l4c l4c at thelinuxlink.net
Fri Nov 20 06:29:03 CST 2009

Robert Wohlfarth wrote:
> What options exist for cheap or free web hosting? It's a time to get 
> some more web development experience. I trust your recommendations more 
> than random Google search results.
> Things I think I need, in order of importance.
>     * Java - I'm experimenting with frameworks like Spring at the moment
>     * Domain registration
>     * Perl - I use it for scripting and love it (optional)
>     * Python or PHP to install a CMS (optional)
> Since I'm unemployed for the moment, price is important. All tips or 
> suggestions are appreciated.
> -- 
> Robert Wohlfarth

Bluehost.com is who I deal with for my hosting needs and have for 
several years now.  They are all aces in my book.  Great service, 
bandwidth, access, disk space, etc., etc., for only $100 a year.

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