[CS-FSLUG] CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism! Here ya go, David!

David McGlone david at dmcentral.net
Sun Nov 1 16:13:18 CST 2009

On Sunday 01 November 2009 15:52:58 Fred A. Miller wrote:
> David McGlone wrote:
> > On Sunday 01 November 2009 15:06:26 Fred A. Miller wrote:
> >> Craig Button wrote:
> >>> I'm sorry I have to step in here.
> >
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> >
> >> No....there's not enough being spent on autism.
> >
> > Exactly!
> >
> > I don't want to turn this into a political discussion, but I do want to
> > say that this is one huge reason I vote democratic a lot of times. I
> > don't really care about me, I'm fine. It's people like my neighbor with
> > Autism that needs the help!
> 'Wish you hadn't done that. :) The TRUTH is, that democrats don't care
> about you or anyone else. 'Course, a lot of Repubs., that is RINOS,
> don't either. REAL conservatives do. They also GIVE MORE of their own
> money to causes like autistic research than demos do. NOT my
> figures....national statistics.....easily found. The reason for that, by
> the way, is that a LOT of conservatives are REAL Christians and they
> give money to worthy projects, unlike liberals.

I will show you a house bill for autism with 28 Democrats and 1 republican on 
this bill for autism. The 2 sponsors are Democrats.

There was also A bill in the U.S senate that I had bookmarked and was watching 
it, but when I was cleaning my bookmarks menu I accidentally deleted it, and 
that bill was for funding for autism research and it was sponsored by 
Democrats. I specifically remember this, because the father of the 8 year old 
who I mentioned earlier that has autism is a Republican and I specifically 
showed him that the Democrats where fighting for his son and in my opinion he 
basically is turning his back on his own son.

We may disagree on our political affiliation, BUT we cannot argue with the 
experience of someone who has been through it.

In my experience Democrats were more willing to fund programs that helped 
disabled people, handicapped people and people who are unfortunate, take for 
example Regan who has the Americans with disabilities act under his belt and I 
bless him for that, BUT in the early '80's Regan reduced support for programs 
like aid for dependant children, food stamps unemployment insurance and low 
income housing.

Now when I say this, it doesn't mean I'm all for the welfare state, and I know 
there are no good liars out there that take advantage of the system and are 
perfectly capable of getting a job, but we cannot let those who defy obeying 
the laws, and find every loophole possible to hurt the ones who need it the 

Anyway, here is an article from my local newspaper along with the bill that 
was passed in the Ohio House. I'm happy that this bill passed even if it means 
raising my taxes a dollar or two. I don't care about the money, I care about 
the people! 



To amend section 1739.05 and to enact sections 1751.68 and 3923.84 of the 
Revised Code to prohibit health insurers from excluding coverage for specified 
services for individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. 

David M.

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