[CS-FSLUG] OT: Conficker and Virus Scanners

Davo Smith christiansource at davosmith.co.uk
Tue May 26 02:29:40 CDT 2009

>        So, the first question I have is, if you've dealt with Conficker, did
> you have any success cleaning a system without reformatting? I've read mixed
> reports.

I'm afraid I can't offer much advice on this point (other than the /.
fallback of 'install linux')

>        Second, I'm not terribly thrilled with most AV software I've worked
> with in recent years. Anyone have one you really like not only for accuracy
> but also being a non-resource hog?

>From what I have been able to find out from forums, etc. (when I have
looked this up before) Avast and Avira are both pretty light-weight
(both are available for free for *home* use, but you'd have to pay for
use at church - Avira is about $30 for the year). Detection rates for
both are meant to be pretty good. Kaspersky and NOD32 are both
renowned for their detection rates and are both reasonably
light-weight on the resources.

The best advice, overall, would be to avoid Norton, which uses the
most resources, for the worst detection rates.


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