[CS-FSLUG] wireless network in a disaster?

Ron Thompson ron.t at xplornet.com
Tue May 5 22:14:27 CDT 2009

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 07:41, Frank Bax wrote:
> Ron Thompson wrote:
> > A couple of ideas come to mind.  One was to promote an idea such as the
> > ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers used for cell phones, something that
> > would be universally understood, but for wireless networks.  Perhaps ICE
> > software that could access emergency routers (part of an emergency
> > preparedness network) with local webpages with disaster / relief
> > information and communications. It wouldn't necessarily have to be part
> > of a larger network if a few of these provided critical local services to
> > an emergency commnad centre.
> >
> > Another question was, what, if any, usuable information does a router
> > broadcast.  If the router broadcast a website address as its
> > identification then by looking at the available routers someone would see
> > one named www.localemergency.net would they be able to establish a
> > browser connection to the host, even with the internet down, by accessing
> > the webpage through that router.  I hope I've explained this well enough.
> Although I've not done it; a router should be able to present it's own
> page whenever a client computer tries to connect to *any* webpage.  Just
> think about what happens in many hotels.  You open your browser and you
> see the hotel's page asking for credentials to use the system.  You
> could put your page in that place.  Your page could have multiple links
> because you might have redundant "command centres".

    This is the information I wanted to know.  Its do-able and may be easier 
and better than I'd thought.
> When Macro and I mentioned "limited range"; we are talking about not
> being able to reach the other end of your own block.  You need a *large*
> number of routers in a mesh network (like one on every block) for many
> computers to communicate in this manner.  If the mesh is dense enough,
> there should be alternate routes available for access to the "command
> centre".

    What if a high gain external antenna and a higher powered router were 
used?  I found this product, and while I don't understand all the lingo, it 
looked interesting.

   Thanks for the help and advice.

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