[CS-FSLUG] We have met the enemy... [was: Is desktop Linux too fragmented to succeed?]

l4c l4c at thelinuxlink.net
Tue May 5 12:11:46 CDT 2009

Greg Slade wrote:
> Greg
> [1] The answer, of course, is, "It doesn't matter. If you have your 
> hands on a Linux CD, go ahead, install it, and start learning how to use 
> Linux. It's not as hard as you think, there are no 'wrong' distros, and 
> if you decide, at some point, that you would like another distro better, 
> you can change at any time. It's no like you have to cough up a couple 
> of hundred dollars for it, you know."

Been doing this a long long time and the answer I always stick by when 
someone asks me "which Linux to use" is:

Use the one your friend(s) use.  That's how you are going to get the 
best help and support.


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