[CS-FSLUG] wireless network in a disaster?

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Tue May 5 08:36:07 CDT 2009

> A couple of ideas come to mind.  One was to promote an idea such as the
> ICE 
> (In Case of Emergency) numbers used for cell phones, something that would
> be 
> universally understood, but for wireless networks.  Perhaps ICE software
> that 
> could access emergency routers (part of an emergency preparedness network)
> with local webpages with disaster / relief information and communications.
Interesting Idea. But the network would have to be deployed long before the desaster.

> It wouldn't necessarily have to be part of a larger network if a few of
> these 
> provided critical local services to an emergency commnad centre.
Only one uplink to the internet is needed for mesh networks. If configured correctly everyon can use it. So a single satelite uplink might be enough.

> Another question was, what, if any, usuable information does a router 
> broadcast.  If the router broadcast a website address as its
> identification 
> then by looking at the available routers someone would see one named 
> www.localemergency.net would they be able to establish a browser
> connection 
> to the host, even with the internet down, by accessing the webpage through
> that router.  I hope I've explained this well enough.
The freifunk-firmware has a package which cn be installed named "DHCP-Splash". If someone connects to the router with a wireless device the first time, the webbrowser gets redirected to a configurable url. this can be a usage agreement or anything else. It is highly configuable. This would really be anything you needed for your idea to work.

> BTW, thanks for the suggestions on suitable battery powered routers.
we're using them here, so it was easy...

There are separate mailinglists for such projects to... one is wlanware (about the firmware itself, it is linux-based, openwrt) and one is... wlan international or something like this. I'll need to take a look when I'm at home. There you meet people who are deploying such networks in remote areas.

BTW: can you tell more about your project?

God bless you

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