[CS-FSLUG] wireless network in a disaster?

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Tue May 5 07:43:33 CDT 2009

Frank Bax wrote

> Ron Thompson wrote:
> > The question is: Is it possible to set up an open wireless router in
> such a 
> > way that anyone who finds it could communicate to the host computer?  
> The 
> > internet isn't available so normal e-mail isn't available.
> The router is the "host".  Most routers will do what you want "out of 
> the box"; since they have DHCP enabled.  With DHCP enabled; computers 
> are able to connect to the router either wired or wireless.  All 
> computers that obtained their ip address from the same router will be 
> able to communicate with each other.
Right. so all the Clients must be in relatively close proximity to the router.

> Any consumer grade UPS that is designed to run a desktop system for 
> 15-30 minutes will run a router for several hours.  A DC/AC converter 
> connected to your vehicle's lighter outlet will easily turn that vehicle 
> into a generator.
If you have a good router with a somewhat well designed power circuit (like the WRT54GL does) you don't ned 230V (110V) but just bare about 12V DC. This type of router accepts 4.5V..22V as input. Quite nice :-)

> What kind of communication are you expecting bewteen these connected 
> computers?  You won't need email since the range of wireless signal on 
> routers is so low you can more easily use verbal communication to speak 
> to the other party.  For long range communication, the trick will be to 
> get multiple routers connected to each other!  That's normally what the 
> internet does - without telephone or internet support, it won't be so
> easy.
And thats the point when mesh networks jump in. The Routers shall communicate which each other wirelessly. The just needs to be a dynamic routing protocol (and the routers need to communicate in ad-hoc mode with each other). There are quite a few networks running this way around the world. Some of them with several hundered nodes.


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