[CS-FSLUG] Linux Today - Is desktop Linux too fragmented to succeed? A friend tells it like it is!!

Davo Smith christiansource at davosmith.co.uk
Sat May 2 17:20:20 CDT 2009

> [Lots of good points about what is needed to get Linux to take off on
> the desktop]
>>        Thoughts?
> To be honest, at this moment what I would most like is for Ubuntu 9.04
> not to have broken several things that worked fine in Ubuntu 8.10
> (like my TV out, mencoder recording TV, processor being at 100% all
> the time).

I know it's bad form, but just to follow up on this, I did eventually
work out that vino-server (the remote desktop stuff) was eating all my
processor time (and that was why the recording stopped working).

Still not fixed the TV out, but will tackle that some other day (and
will also have a play with openSuse whilst I'm at it).


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