[CS-FSLUG] Linux Today - Is desktop Linux too fragmented to succeed? A friend tells it like it is!!

Davo Smith christiansource at davosmith.co.uk
Sat May 2 02:23:41 CDT 2009

[Lots of good points about what is needed to get Linux to take off on
the desktop]

>        Thoughts?

To be honest, at this moment what I would most like is for Ubuntu 9.04
not to have broken several things that worked fine in Ubuntu 8.10
(like my TV out, mencoder recording TV, processor being at 100% all
the time).

Before anyone asks, I haven't filed any bug reports yet, as I was
going to try out a clean install first - but that didn't load the
nVidia drivers or Firefox...

Maybe it's time to try out a different distro (as I've not tried that
many others than Ubuntu).


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