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Fri Mar 20 22:08:35 CDT 2009

Yes, with POP if you "leave the email on the server", when you download 
the email, it shows up as "new".  This means that every piece of email, 
you see it as "new" twice (once on each computer).  But more annoying is 
that, if you delete a spam email off one computer, it is still on the other.

IMAP will not do that.  When it is marked as read, it seems like both 
computers have it marked.  When you delete an email, it does not 
"reappear" on the other computer.  In this scenario, IMAP is great.  The 
downside is that it is a little less "portable" (offline work, if you 
have a laptop and take it offline) in some areas unless you tweek some 
of the options. 

    - Tim Young

David McGlone wrote:
> I'm leaning for IMAP from what I know about it.
> Anyway, here's what I'd like to know more about. I finally got a mail server 
> functioning and my user name on both my computers is david. What I'm trying to 
> accomplish is being able to have my mail on both computers. If I use pop, and 
> choose to leave the e-mail on the server, would I get the old mail over and 
> over with the new mail?
> But from what I know (or believe I know) about IMAP is that it is much better 
> to use for scenarios like this.
> Blessings,
> David M.
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