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Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Fri Mar 20 13:59:09 CDT 2009

Any techie folks near the DC area for the forth of July?
One of my brothers is needing some techie help during an outreach in
Washington DC during the fourth of July. He has a huge array of
technology he is hoping to use, from CD/DVD duplicators, 
memory-sticks, texting orders across a cell-phone mesh, hand-helds, 
laptops, inverts & battery-power for mobility, etc. He could use a 
few techies on-site.  If you are in the area and would be willing to 
give him a hand for some or all the time, he would love it. They can 
use non techie people too if you wanted to bring a family or a church 
along with you... :)

- Tim Young

Below is a forwarded email from Philip Young with more info:

- - - - - -
*At a Glance*:
Join us for a hands-on training outreach that is affordable and will
empower believers, churches, and ministries to integrate new 
evangelical tools into their own day to day work. We are 
incorporating cutting edge technologies such as beaming Gospel 
Recording MP3s from cell to cell, mobile platforms that burn CD’s in 
any of 5,000 languages on demand, and sharing multi-language Jesus 
Film DVD’s (up to 16 different language tracks).

The unique opportunity presented by almost 600,000 people who come 
from across the States and around the world to celebrate our 
Independence Day (July 4) has brought Global Recordings Network and 
Christ for All Peoples into partnership with other local ministries 
in Washington, D.C. FreedomFest DC (christonthemall.com) is uniting 
dozens of ministries and churches by coordinating the outreach: 
preaching, music, testimonies, children's play areas, free water 
distribution, etc. - all designed to attract onlookers so that the 
message of Salvation can be shared. Each year hundreds have given 
their lives to Christ and many rededicate their lives to the Lord. 
Our part will be training others to share the message of salvation by 
utilizing cutting edge technologies and to assist them as they put 
this training into practice.

June 24 - July 6, 2009. Foremost during this entire time we will be 
in prayer! June 24- July 2 will be set aside so that we might provide
training that will empower others who are on the ground in DC.
Orientation seminars and mini-outreach exercises will help us prepare
for the huge challenge on July 4. July 3 will be reserved for 
material preparation and setup on the National Mall. On July 4 (10:00 
a.m. - 9:00 p.m.) we celebrate our country’s independence by sharing 
freedom found in Christ. July 5-6 will be used for debriefing, 
redistribution of surplus materials and a bit of rest by touring the 
sights of Washington, D.C. Come for as much as you can – we need your 

*How Does This Touch Internationals?*
By utilizing audio and video materials we hope to reach out to some
100,000 ethnic immigrants representing almost every country on earth 
who will come to the National Mall July 4. Instead of flooding the 
area with paraphernalia, we aim for friendship-based 
interaction-oriented outreach that will have long term results. We 
hope that through this experience participants will become better 
prepared to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way. 
Taking part in this event can serve to open many great opportunities 
for believers from across the USA to connect to internationals, using 
media to initiate life-giving relationships.

*Technology *
Today's everyday technology enables the average person to carry 
Gospel messages in as many as 1,500 languages wherever they go! (1) 
Most people have a cell phone that is capable of receiving a specific 
message as a 'beam” from your phone. (2) Specific languages can be 
identified and recorded on a CD to be given to your new friends. (3) 
Mobile duplication platforms utilizing USB hard drives with laptop 
computers (Win or Mac) permit on-location, on-demand production. Bulk 
duplicators nearby can copy large numbers of CD’s or DVD’s, and 
though not as portable as a laptop, they provide a great fallback 
option if the demand in certain languages becomes overwhelming. Disks 
are pre-printed, giving a pleasant appearance, and are ready to carry 
the precious Gospel message in any language needed.

*Can Outsiders Really Help In Relational Evangelism ?*
While the success of this particular outreach will depend largely 
upon the local churches, the encouragement and support of visiting 
teams can be of great help. Our goal is to integrate all participants 
to form one large effective team. By working together we can build 
stronger relationships and increase the potential for continued 
interaction. Remember, many of those visiting the National Mall come 
from another state or country - perhaps yours! The key is to develop 
channels of communication that will remain open, and learn skills 
that enable you to connect with anyone you meet hereafter.

Each participant is asked to cover his/her own transportation costs 
to and from the area. The ministries in cooperation are working 
together to help those traveling from outside DC to locate affordable 
accommodations (stay at a local church, etc.). Each participant is 
asked to raise $150 if possible to help offset expenses associated 
with this event. You should plan on bringing at least another $30 per 
day to cover local transportation, food and basic accomodation for 
your time in DC.

*What Next?*
Contact Philip Young (GRN Outreach Director for North America) by
emailing philipyoung at globalrecordings.net. Put “DC2009” as the 
subject heading to request an application and/or obtain more information.

*Participating Ministry Websites:*

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