[CS-FSLUG] using postfix or sendmail to send mail (SOLVED)

Stephen J. McCracken smccracken at hcjb.org.ec
Mon Mar 16 20:43:35 CDT 2009

David McGlone wrote:
> On Monday 16 March 2009 10:53:26 am Stephen J. McCracken wrote:
>> David McGlone wrote:
>>> On Sunday 15 March 2009 10:22:22 pm Stephen J. McCracken wrote:
>>>>> I switched to port 587 and all worked. Thanks for the lead. When I seen
>>>>> that you specified a port, I tried 465 and that didn't work. So I tried
>>>>> 587 and viola mail sent and returned.
>>>> FYI:
>>>> Port 587 is used usually as an alternate to port 25 for sending mail
>>>> when port 25 might be blocked.
>>>> Port 465 is the standard port for SMTPS (SMTP over SSL).  If you had a
>>>> working SSL connection for your SMTP, your test of port 465 might have
>>>> worked, too.
>>> I had this nagging voice in me telling me the same thing, but for the
>>> life of me I couldn't find anywhere in postfix, a place to add a username
>>> and password.
>> Be careful here.  SMTP over SSL is *not* the same as SMTP with
>> authentication.
> Hmmm. That piqued my interest. I also have this feeling I have done something 
> I shouldn't by using port 587?

No, you're fine.  I just wanted to clarify the ideas.  SMTP over SSL and
SMTP with authentication are two different things to solve two different
issues.  One requires that the user authenticates with credentials to
show they are allowed to use the server.  The other (SMTPS) encrypts the
connection between the user and the server to thwart someone listening in.


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