[CS-FSLUG] Need help with gOS on Cloudbook

Greg Slade grga at bluebottle.com
Tue Mar 3 13:38:14 CST 2009

Last summer, I think I told you that I had picked up an Everex Cloudbook 
in Hong Kong for testing purposes. What I might not have admitted is 
that I played with it a bit in the airport on the way home, started to 
doze off, and shut it down. When I got home, I couldn't remember the 
username and password I had used, so I was locked out until I figured 
out how to "hack into" my own machine.

Now, I need to figure out how to prevent anyone else from using the same 
trick. One of the things I need to be able to demonstrate (if we're 
going to start using these things for work) is the ability to encrypt 
the hard drive, and require a password before unlocking the computer. 
Now, this is the kind of thing which any number of tools can do after 
the fact for Windows, but I don't know enough about Linux to know what 
to use.

So, if you needed to encrypt your Linux box, how would you go about it?

Greg Slade
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