[CS-FSLUG] I am embarrassed, I don't remember your name, but...................

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sat Jul 11 15:04:48 CDT 2009

David McGlone wrote:
> On Saturday 11 July 2009 02:06:48 pm steven vollom wrote:
>> On Saturday 11 July 2009 12:14:35 pm Fred A. Miller wrote:
>>> David McGlone wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>>>> I'm not going to kiss you, but a big hug may be in order, little
>>>>> brother. Hah!
>>>> No problem. I'll skip on the kiss also.
>>> 'Good thing....too ugly! ;)
>>> Fred
>> David invited me to this list.  I would like to be like him some day.  I
>> can see the glory that surrounds him from here, spiritually.  It is not a
>> judgment call, he has revealed himself through his words and actions. At
>> least with me.
> Thanks steven, I'm flattered, but not perfect. 
> I guess it's all that liberalism in me that makes me a caring giving person. 
> ;-)
> <evil grin> He he he ha ha ha. LOL

I just lost my dinner. ;)


"Where's The Birth Certificate?"

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