[CS-FSLUG] This IS heresy!!!!

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Fri Jul 10 09:12:07 CDT 2009

steven vollom wrote:
> On Thursday 09 July 2009 11:28:25 pm Fred A. Miller wrote:
>> steven vollom wrote:
>>> On Thursday 09 July 2009 02:32:57 pm Fred A. Miller wrote:
>>>> Episcopal Bishop calls individual salvation 'heresy,' 'idolatry'
>>>>  Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori says it's "heresy"
>>>> to believe that an individual can be saved through a sinner's prayer of
>>>> repentance. POLL: What's your reaction to this? VOTE
>>> Just another one to add to my prayer list.  As my grandbabies would say,
>>> go figure!  Maybe a dictionary would help her.  Or maybe she thought it
>>> was hearsay.  Who can tell.  Faith comes by hearing the Word of GOD,
>>> perhaps some wax remover or some glasses.  Perhaps she is translating
>>> from a difficult tongue.  Do you suppose she is confused about who the
>>> god of this earth is.
>> I would say that she is willingly or MAYBE unwillingly following someone
>> else, who has dominion, presently, over the earth.
>> Fred
> And that is for the CHRIST to decide. however, I am always in remembrance of 
> the phrase when it walks, quacks and looks like a duck, nonetheless judgment 
> is not my job.  GOD bless you little brother.

Of course!!! I said, "MAYBE" and is what I intended. Further, Christ
said we would know other Christians by their works....I know her from
her "works," rather the lack thereof along with what she has said.


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