[CS-FSLUG] Ex-Muslim's college speech disrupted by arson.

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sun Dec 6 19:38:23 CST 2009

On 12/06/2009 05:51 PM, Tim Young wrote:
> Ah.  Yes.  But one also must remember that most of the Muslims do not
> believe or adhere to the more extreme portions of their religion.  In
> many Muslim countries, for example, women can wear jeans.  The Muslim
> faith has the equivalent of different denominations, many of which are
> much more moderate than most people would believe.  We mostly hear of
> the more militant strains of Islam, instead of hearing of the more
> moderate sides of things.
Ah......as I thought, someone would take this bent. ;)
> Christianity has had times when people professed to be Christians, but
> did very un-Christian things (The Crusades, for example).  It is a bit
> backward, in that those who truly follow Islam are the ones to watch
> out for, but those who are very lax in their beliefs actually can make
> very nice neighbors.  It would be more correct to say that, under
> Shariah Law (the more extreme implementation of Islam), Islam is
> repressive, etc. 
And, MOST follow the Quran AND Shariah laws closely.
> The funny thing is that, if someone started throwing that sort of
> information about various Christian leaders, I would not want to hear
> it either.  It might or might not be true, but if it is someone you
> respect, "bringing out the dirt" is not a very effective way to reach
> someone.  Most people, if you were to start a conversation that way,
> would tune you off in an instant.  Simply stating these facts of Islam
> would probably turn off any lurkers; perhaps Muslim seekers who might
> be interested in Christianity but who were Linux techies.  So, if any
> such people happen to be on the list, I would like to "complete"
> Fred's statement, by adding, "But God loves them anyway, as should we."
Of course!
> I am glad that that woman is speaking out about what Islam lends
> itself to become. She is certainly putting her life in jeopardy by
> speaking out that bluntly.  But it is information that would be good
> for many people to know.  Hopefully, not to turn people against
> Muslims (as individuals), but hopefully to look at it constructively
> (how can we avoid taking a path which might lead to Shariah Law.)
That would be nice IF it worked. But, that's not reality.


'Time to put Nana Pelosi in a home!'

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