[CS-FSLUG] I had a dream that posed an interesting question

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Sun Dec 6 17:09:18 CST 2009

I would agree with Fred in this.  If God had chosen to only put Adam on 
earth with no Eve, God would have given Adam some purpose.  At the same 
time, Jim asks a fair question, "What purpose would we serve?"  We, as 
humans, get too much of our identity out of our jobs, the other people 
in our lives, etc.  But, when the various Christian leaders were 
striving to determine, "What is the chief end of man" (what is man's 
role in this world), they came up with a number of answers which only 
somewhat relied on other humans.  Most of our responsibility is to love 
God.  Personally, I would have a difficult time knowing how to reflect 
that love if there were no other humans on this earth.  In John, the 
Bible says that we know we love God by seeing His love pour out to 
others through us.  It is His love coursing through us that gives us the 
assurance that we are in Him.

Being the only person stranded on an island, etc, would put us in a 
similar predicament.  It is a good question.  If there were no other 
people you could impact, could you express God's love?

    - Tim Young

Fred A. Miller wrote:
> I don't know, but I DO know that if God put me in that position, He would
> have a reason for it and work for me to do.
> Fred
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