[CS-FSLUG] Closed circuit TV

Yama Ploskonka yama at netoso.com
Sun Apr 26 08:18:55 CDT 2009

get a camera that stays on.

Silly as this might seem, the one time I tried this the camera would 
turn itself off every 15 minutes, to "save battery", even though it was 
with external power all the time...  I guess there might have been a 
setting somewhere, but we didn't figure it.  So eventually we needed to 
have someone by the camera that would move the tele up and down every 
few minutes so the camera would notice some user activity...

Frank Bax wrote:
> Robert Wohlfarth wrote:
>> Does anyone have experience with transmitting worship services over 
>> closed circuit TV? What type of equipment do we need? What problems 
>> did you encounter? Any advice?
> Nothing fancy.  Get same cable you would use for cable-tv or antennae.
> VCR probably has this connection in and out.
> TV often has this type of input connection.
> Feed video camera into VCR; then feed VCR to TV.
> We were feeding service to nursery in a previous building (maybe we 
> still do).
> We used sound from sound system, not from camera; but I'm not sure how 
> that part is done.  No problems with this system that I recall.
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