[CS-FSLUG] Closed circuit TV

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 23 22:14:46 CDT 2009

Robert Wohlfarth wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with transmitting worship services over 
> closed circuit TV? What type of equipment do we need? What problems did 
> you encounter? Any advice?

Nothing fancy.  Get same cable you would use for cable-tv or antennae.

VCR probably has this connection in and out.
TV often has this type of input connection.

Feed video camera into VCR; then feed VCR to TV.

We were feeding service to nursery in a previous building (maybe we 
still do).

We used sound from sound system, not from camera; but I'm not sure how 
that part is done.  No problems with this system that I recall.

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