[CS-FSLUG] Server masquerading as client

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Wed Apr 8 17:42:11 CDT 2009

Tim Young wrote:

> Are you using postfix? You said something like, "using an email server
> like postfix", but if you are using sendmail or some other one, it is
> easier to google how to do smtp_auth for that server than it is to
> switch servers.

CentOS comes with Sendmail. I'm not using anything at all right now, but
that's what comes installed by default.

I don't have any trouble setting up Postfix manually to do everything
except get past the blocklisting. I was trying to understand what the
difference is between Postfix/Sendmail/Courier/etc. and some mail
client, which always gets through the blocklisting. I realize the former
are servers, and I can make them work at Gmail and GMX, but not for
AT&T, nor our list host. I've seen the interaction between mail servers,
but I don't know how a client communicates with the mail servers.

I suppose if Cone allowed more than one SMTP server in the config, it
would work, but that's not an option, and the devs seem to think no one
should be asking for it in the first place. People have requested it,
and their response is dismissive. This, even though they trumpet how you
can have multiple POP accounts.

Mutt, with it's jillion-and-one obscure config options is about as user
friendly as a torture chamber. Alpine/Pine won't do multiple accounts at
all, unless you invoke it under separate configs, each time separately.
The rest are even worse.

So for now I'm trying make sure I understand the general concept of
"smarthost" because it's used in quite a few different serverware packages.

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