[CS-FSLUG] mini-ITX boot problem-solved!

Jon Glass jonglass at usa.net
Mon Apr 6 08:47:51 CDT 2009

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 3:21 PM, Ron Thompson <ron.t at xplornet.com> wrote:
> I must get on my way to work shortly, but before I go I wanted to know if
> about Bible programs for Puppy.  Is there one available for download now?
Sort of. The Grafpup site has packages for KDE and BibleTime that I
used to build my sfs. If I can find a way to do it, I'll post mine
somewhere and give you the link. I'm curious if it will work on
somebody else's computer. :-) Unfortunately, there is a small chance
that it has become corrupt. But I won't know, of course, until I try
it. I'll let you know when I have something ready.

 -Jon Glass
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