[CS-FSLUG] mini-ITX boot problem

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Sun Apr 5 02:06:55 CDT 2009

@ schrieb:
>>> By removing the CD-ROM drive the CF-Card became hda and hdb could not be
>>> found anymore.
> Admittedly, I've come late to this thread, but if the OS has already been
> installed to the CF card and the issue is truly just that the device name
> for the CF adapter is changing after removing the CD-ROM drive, wouldn't it
> be easier to simply hook the CD-ROM drive back up, boot into any live CD
> environment, mount the CF card, and edit fstab and grub.conf?
I fully agree with you. That is what I would do with such a system.
Or try to give the Kernel the right root-parameter to get this stuff to
boot with the original kernel.

But I thought it would be easier and safer to let Ron install from
scratch with the system set up as it will be when it runs.

But I know from my own experience that it took me several tries to get
such a system running. I don't want to push someone else through this

> If I've misunderstood the problem, feel free to ignore me. :)

Nope, you did not misunderstand.

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