[CS-FSLUG] mini-ITX boot problem

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Thu Apr 2 01:26:24 CDT 2009

Ron Thompson schrieb:
> I spoke too soon.  It doesn't boot properly after swapping the cards, it gets 
> started and them comes back with Checking root file system
> fsck.ext3: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/hdb2 FAILED
> I'm out of my league.
> Not much point in having a mni-ITX if you have to duct tape an old CD-RW onto 
> the case just to get it to boot :-)
It seems there is the Problem.

The order of the drives ind Linux is:
1. hda
2. hdb
3. hdc
4. hdd

And from the Bios:
Primary Master
Primary Slave
Secondary Master
Secondary Slave

The Problem arises, when the Order of the drives is changed or a drive
whis is "between others" is removed.

My guess is, that your CD-Drive was recognized as "Primary Master" and
got hda. Than your CF-Card was hdb. Linux installed on hdb and wrote
into the boot manager that it would find the root filesystem in /dev/hdb

By removing the CD-ROM drive the CF-Card became hda and hdb could not be
found anymore.

First make sure, your CF-Card which will get the OS is Primary Master.
This will save you some trouble. The CD-Rom drive must be the last one.

I never use Cable Select but put my drives in a defined state (either
master or slave)
I'd suggest that you connect the first cf-card as master to the first
IDE-Channel (Primary Master). The second Card shall become Master on the
Second Channel (Secondary Master) and the CD-ROM get's configured as
slave and is connected to the second channel (Secondary Slave). this
setup should give you the best performance fo the future (when the
CD-Drive is not connected anymore) and keep you out of trouble.

Than install the OS and look if it works.

If it does not work please tell the error message or the last line you
see on the screen.

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