[CS-FSLUG] mini-ITX boot problem

Ron Thompson ron.t at xplornet.com
Thu Apr 2 00:42:59 CDT 2009

Further on this problem, I was able to get it to boot from the CF card adapter 
by swapping cards 1 and 2.  Apartenly with the CD on the second IDE connector 
the first card isn't seen and the OS was installed on the second card.

 So I guess this means that if I would also like to have a DVD/CD it MUST be 


On Wednesday 01 April 2009 22:48, Ron Thompson wrote:
> I'm really out of touch with Linux, I don't have any idea of what is
> happening.  I have an Intel 945GCLF mini-ITX and I'm using a Startech CF
> memory adapter in place of a hard drive.  The CF adapter has a pair of 4GB
> cards and the BIOS sees them as a master and slave HD on the IDE connector.
> I had a very difficult time getting anything to work as a CD to install
> CentOS 4.4 on them CF card, but I did find that using a very old CD-RW with
> the master slave set to CSEL I could get one of the two cards on the card
> adapter recognized and managed to install CentOS.
>  Following the installation, the second CF card is not seen, although it
> does show up in the BIOS set up menu, and the CD-RW also shows up.  And the
> system does boot from the CF card in the adapter.  But here is where I'm
> lost.  as long as the CD-RW is on the IDE cable the first CF card works
> fineand the system boots, but if the CD-RW is disconnected it will not boot
> from the CF card even though the BIOS knows its there.
>    Would anyone have an idea of what may be wrong?  The CF card adapter is
> a Startech CF2X2IDE25.  On the box it says "Memory card boots like IDE hard
> drive without any device drivers", but this seems only to be true as long
> as the CD-RW is on the cable and set to CSEL.
>     Ron

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