[CS-FSLUG] [PD] Obama's Muslim Faith? (was: THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR RETIREMENT!!!)

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Fri Oct 31 16:07:05 CDT 2008

> If I could send a video where NOBama admits to his "Muslim faith," I
> would. IMHO, I must doubt he's a Christian. If he were, he'd NOT  
> support
> abortion and infanticide, just for starters. He has proven himself  
> to be
> a liar - a VERY SLICK liar. I could go on, but won't.

	I think we have to be careful on this one. I saw it and found it  
amusing, but it seemed clearly to be a gaffe as he was talking about  
Christian-Muslim relations.

	We don't want to push too far, lest people say John McCain is hateful  
for accidentally saying he "could not agree more" with John Murtha's  
racist/redneck comments at a rally when he meant to say (as was clear  
from context) "I could not disagree more."


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