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my response: lol

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 10:26 PM, Fred A. Miller <fmiller at lightlink.com> wrote:
> Timothy Butler wrote:
>> Appending [TD] to this thread.
>> On Oct 20, 2008, at 2:52 PM, Fred A. Miller wrote:
>>> I spent part of today writing this. Some will gladly read it, others
>>> will question, and some others will be mad, but those are the ones who
>>> will go to their death condemning the truth, only to find out later they
>>> were wrong. Oh well - here is the truth, like it or not. I felt it was
>>> of paramount importance to write and share it with everyone.
>>> Fred
>>> You'll see signatories to this like Joel Osteen, who inherited a mega
>>> church from his father, who also taught a false theology. You'll read in
>>> this "Yale Center for Faith and Culture letter to Moslems" asking
>>> forgiveness from the "All Merciful One"; stating that Christians, Jews,
>>> and Muslims all worship the same god; drawing theological conclusions
>>> about God from the Koran; referring to Muhammad as a true prophet of God
>>> and his life as exemplary on a par with Jesus Christ; and carefully
>>> making no reference to the deity of Christ or the Trinity.
>>     What I find interesting about this is it could mean one of two things.
>>     A.) It is simply a bunch of liberal theologians who have failed to
>> recognize the distinctiveness of the Christian Gospel.
>>     B.) It is Pauline evangelism at its best.
>>     I'll explain B, since it is provocative. Consider Paul at the
>> Aeropagus in Acts 17. "I perceive you are very religious." Paul proceeds
>> to affirm the the good parts of the Greek religions and philosophical
>> beliefs, adapting hymns to Zeus to apply to one true God.
>>     With that in mind, I am of mixed mind on this particular statement.
>> I am not a fan of "Purpose Driven," but generally I have few qualms with
>> Rick Warren (doesn't he use the New Living Translation? What's wrong
>> with that? It is amongst my "main" translations -- NIV, ESV, NLT). The
>> fact that he signed on, makes me hope perhaps they are doing B rather
>> than A.
>>     Either way, I'll say this is healthy. The last thing we want is for
>> Muslims to believe we see them as the enemy. Islam is a false religion,
>> yes, but Muslims are not our enemies, they are children of God to whom
>> we are called to preach the Good News. We can do that a whole lot better
>> /if/ we affirm those things that are common in the spirit of Paul.
> True, however, that isn't what was done.
>>> The majority of Americans, NOT being Christians, would sell their souls
>>> for any promise of financial security. It has taken a little over 100
>>> years to liberalize the US, (Europe and Asia are already there), making
>>> ready for a one-world-government and the Antichrist.
>>     I have a distinctive eschatological perspective, but I'll leave that
>> for now, lest I merely muddy the waters. I'll claim to be a curmudgeon
>> here, if Ed doesn't mind me stealing his trademark claim.
> 'Can't do that...he does it so well. ;)
>>> Some of you are going to think, "Man, Miller has really lost it." I
>>     Nah, I knew that a long time ago! ;-)
> It's Don's fault! :)
> Fred
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