[CS-FSLUG] Rambling Thoughts

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Sun Oct 12 11:28:41 CDT 2008

When I first joined this list, I was clinically depressed. Knowing that
did not make it less painful, but it's a poor excuse for posting to the
list messages which may have splattered that misery on some of you. I
can't recall apologizing for that, so let me humbly ask your forgiveness

That you bore with me and helped me in small ways crawl out of that pit
of despair, you may not be aware. That same patience has reaped a
harvest of the sort of patience, and clarity of mind to at least
simulate wisdom, and honored me by accepting me as a moderator.

We all know it is exceptionally difficult at times to transmit a light
heartedness when we engage in debate here. Debate may be informative,
but it seldom produces any change in position. That used to drive me to
tears, literally. Now I just let it pass, to the point I didn't call a
halt when I should have to the most recent flamage regarding a certain
political figure.

My religion is radical, and so are my politics. I've given hints now and
then on this list, and found it was more comfortable to remain silent.
Surely I would answer questions, but I won't engage in debate. That's
the direct application of a strong theological conviction. I hope I
maintain the wisdom to avoid saying things which serve no edifying
purpose. That would include carefully evaluating my own motives, and not
taking myself too seriously. Flame away; these days I'll more likely laugh.

If you run across something you just can't keep to yourself, consider
how you'll address the thing, so that you kindly offer your brothers and
sisters room to follow a different path. The list has a rather broad and
open statement of faith, and I don't see where there is any mention of
partisan politics. If you find something posted by anyone a little too
provocative, pray about being a blessing, not so much about defending

Perhaps we should reinstate the rules about at least using the OT (Off
Topic) tag for things which aren't germane to the primary purpose the
list, as stated in the various guidelines.


Ed Hurst
Associate Editor, Open for Business: http://ofb.biz/
Applied Bible - http://ed.asisaid.com/index.html
Kiln of the Soul - http://soulkiln.blogspot.com/

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