[CS-FSLUG] Blogging on the Cheap

Greg Slade grgaslists at rogers.com
Wed Nov 19 11:45:16 CST 2008

> Given what you now know, what might some of you suggest as a better
> alternative?

I don't know that it's "better" (in fact, the blogging tools are pretty 
primitive), but I've been using a Christian social networking site 
(http://xianz.com) for some time now, and doing my blogging there. It's 
free, and I'm not going to be censored for saying anything which would 
offend Richard Dawkins. The downside is that the site doesn't get a 
whole lot of traffic, and only people who are members of the site can 
comment on my blogs (which last may be a good thing or a bad thing, 
depending on your perspective.)

As it happens, the site is designed to promote Christian musicians as 
well as being a social networking site. Recently, I've been thinking 
that it would be good if they'd add similar tools to those which they 
offer to musicians, in order for authors and filmmakers to make their 
works known. But this question makes me wonder if it might be a good 
idea to use Xianz as a home fro user groups and other clubs. (Not that I 
have any problem with the current site. It just wonders me whether being 
on a larger site, with other traffic going on, might not bring a little 
more attention to our cause.)


Greg Slade
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