[CS-FSLUG] 3 Eternal Destinies not 2

Keli of Coxsackie keli at parchmentpress.net
Wed Nov 12 09:51:42 CST 2008

I will drop the subject altogether... If anyone desires to know feel 
free to email me OFF LINE or please look at the site..
as for the eternal nations - okay maybe the phrase is not in the Bible 
but the understanding is.
Is the word trinity in the bible?
As for my sarcasm or my way of communicating - I am sorry if I offended 
I will now back out of this debate.. feel free to email me or continue 
it without me..

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Timothy Butler wrote:
> On Nov 12, 2008, at 9:28 AM, Keli of Coxsackie wrote:
>> Yes -  I am sorry you would need a book - the Bible..
>> That is what we use to base truth on..
>     Michael, please quit baiting the list. I welcome you to explain 
> your opinions, but to suggest Jon is not using the Bible or Calvinists 
> are heretics or Eduardo is a Nicolaitan is not a good way to explain 
> yourself. Is going on the attack whenever you disagree with someone a 
> good witness? Let's have a peaceful discussion. You have a unique form 
> of exegesis which I'm curious to hear about, but let's do this without 
> sarcasm or attacks. Please.
>     Now, Jon clearly was not referring to needing the Bible, but 
> needing the external documents you keep citing. Perhaps you can 
> explain in your own words how you are exegeting things like "external 
> nations" in the Scripture?
>     -Tim   
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