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Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Mon Nov 10 20:08:02 CST 2008

Just got off the phone after 25 minutes of talking with Aaron Zellman
who is the director of JPFO and in response to my question as to why
78% of Jews voted for an enemy of their Israeli state and religion..
he asked me if I had ever heard the expression "Yellow Dog Democrat".
Of course I had and he said that most jews are not THINKING Jews, most
are Feeling Jews who vote for whatever is popular, etc.  He said that
THINKING Jews are mostly Orthodox(practicing) Jews while the others
are FAD Jews. Very few Orthodox Jews voted for Mobambo, the rest were
non practicing Jews.  (JINO?)
Aaron urged me to continue to try to get everyone to download and
watch the free "2A TODAY for the USA" movie and then to get it to
those who support gun control, who refuse to have a firearm in the
house, etc.  Also, if anyone is capable of doing so, ask radio and TV
talk personalities to interview Aaron... perhaps Michael Savage, etc.


The following is a cut and paste from the JPFO website.
I really urge everyone to spend $25 and join that organization for a
year, go look at the hand bills and the comic books which Aaron puts
out - He is going to republish a book which he brought out about 5
years ago called HOPE.  In that, it addresses essentially what we are
about to face with the Demo controlled Legis and Executive and then
shortly, the SCOTUS.
Stay tuned, go to the website and dive it after you read the
following.   chas, Houston

=====Quoted text begins======
November 5th 2008
B.O. Wins - 2A Endangered - What Can You Do?

         The masses have cast their lot for a long time enemy of 2A
and small government. What do we gun owners do?

         At JPFO we believe the most effective action we can take is
to educate every gun owner including those who foolishly voted for
more big government and a limit on firearms ownership, about the
benefits of 2A and how it is good for the USA.

         Next, reach out to everyone else and open their hearts and
minds with the knowledge of how 2A benefits all citizens.

         Accomplishing this goal has never been easier. If you haven't
already watched,down loaded and made copies of "2A Today for the USA"
then you must do so at once!

         Here is what others are saying about the FREE on line film
produced to make America a 2A nation once again.....

         “It’s an absolute MUST watch" (U.S. Concealed Carry Association)

         "... should be mandatory for every civics class in every
school in this country". (Marinelle Thompson, Second Amendment
Sisters, Inc.)

         "... If you support rescinding previously enacted gun control
laws you'll enjoy this video". (John Birch Society)

         "... one of the best presentations on the right to keep and
bear arms I've come across". (David Codrea, "War on Guns" blog)

         "2A Today for the USA is the best popular explanation of the
Second Amendment available in video format that I have seen. It
deserves the widest possible circulation, so that Americans can take
concerted grass-roots action to preserve and put into effect the right
that is necessary to the security of a free State". (Edwin

"Politicians and diapers need to be changed
regularly -- and for the same reason."

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