[CS-FSLUG] Mac to Linux: Bible Software

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Nov 6 07:29:46 CST 2008

Jon Mark Allen <jonmark at allensonthe.net> writes:
> I personally own an NASB, NIV, and two ESVs and would love to have my
> NASB and NIV available in Bibletime/GnomeSword (I seem to go back and
> forth over them.  lately, I've preferred Bibletime, but I'll be trying
> Gnomesword again after reading your updates).

I simply never cared for the BT interface -- personal preference,
nothing more.  But that's why I got involved with GS, when I stumbled
across them both in early 2006.

2.4.1 was released last evening.  It'll be a few days before it appears
in Fedora repositories, and domcox will surely build it for Ubuntu
sometime Real Soon Now.  I put Cygwin binaries in place as well.  It
builds under Solaris as well.

> I would be very interested in the scripts you wrote, if your offer is
> still available.  What site(s) are you using for the texts?

Bible Gateway, mostly.  Some Crosswalk.  A couple others for one-offs.

For about the next 16 hours, this link will work:
That's symlinked to the non-obviously-named real place.

Pardon the README's somewhat hostile opener.  It's very important that
you not bother the mailing lists about this stuff.  Any questions, ask
me directly.

> So I noticed.  sheesh.  I'm an Ubuntu user (currently).  wow.  Thanks
> for the links to the updated repositories.

There is some hope that the Ubuntu repository situation will improve
soon, but it hasn't happened yet.  We don't make releases on SourceForge
of anything other than source tarballs, and volunteers do the work of
per-platform builds.

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