[CS-FSLUG] Libre Hymn Collection - Assistance Needed

Don Parris parrisdc at gmail.com
Fri May 30 20:07:29 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I created our very own hymnal shortly after establishing Matheteuo Christian
Fellowship, choosing to focus on songs I know well, and limiting our
selection to less than 200 hymns.  Now, I am revising our hymnal, and have
expanded to nearly 250 hymns.  I will likely add some popular old spirituals
that are not normally included in hymnals.  Furthermore, the hymnal is laid
out differently, so the text is large for old, sore eyes, but still no
musical notes.  I am considering publishing it under a Creative Commons
License.     With that in mind, I have two requests:

(1) I'd like to ask if anyone can look at the titles and recognize any hymns
I have listed that are known to have copyright issues - I have withdrawn the
few hymns I do know have copyright issues - all of these should be in the
public domain.  But I may have one or two that are not, and thus need to
weed them out before I do anything crazy like publish the book.

(2) I have a CD called 250 Classic Hymns - all in MP3 format.  I converted
mine to Ogg-Vorbis format.  Close to half of the hymns in my hymnal are on
the CD.  Unfortunately, the rest are not.  In other words, I have no music
for roughly 150 hymns in my book.  It would be really cool to be offer a
full collection of hymns in Ogg-Vorbis format, along with the hymnal.  So,
does anyone know where I can find the remaining hymns, in digital format,
and preferably in the public domain (or at least under a libre license)?
MP3 or Ogg-Vorbis formats are preferred.

Although I have not yet released anything, I am willing to make the list of
hymns available to those who can help.  I will cross post to L4C List, since
not everyone is on both lists.

D.C. Parris
Minister, Journalist, Free Software Advocate
sip:dcparris at ekiga.net <sip%3Adcparris at ekiga.net>
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