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Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Sun May 25 20:25:47 CDT 2008

The only experience I have heard with them was using XP/windows 2000 
computers.  I do not know about getting a Mac to work with them.  I do 
know that there are a few security policy settings that can be changed 
on Vista to get it to talk the old Samba protocol (unsigned packets).  
Otherwise you would need a Samba 3+ version (I forgot if it was 3.12 or 
there abouts when it got that working?).

Anyway.  The Mac stuff is the great unknown for me.  I do not know much 
about their oddities.  Sorry.

Linux should not have much of a problem communicating with it.  Usually 
it is just a matter of providing the right information to the right 
part  of Linux to get it to speak to anything.

    - Tim Young

Nathan T. wrote:
> Tim Young wrote:
>> For "not secure" information, I like the Buffalo Terastation or 
>> linkstation devices. They are small, compact, quiet, and do not need 
>> much electricity. I believe they run a chopped down Linux/samba 
>> solution. Because of that, and not much in the way of user interface, 
>> they do not have a lot of built-in file-level security 
>> (ownership/permissions, etc). But for insecure data, they work very well.
>> Not sure if that was the sort of thing you were looking for...
>> - Tim Young
> Tim,
> I've been looking at some devices from Synology and QNap, they look 
> interesting and I could handle the price tag. My only concern is how 
> well they work with Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. I haven't 
> seen much regarding updated firmware for these two operating systems, 
> and I don't know how well they would work with Linux at all. With the 
> Nexstar LX I have (that is nothing more than a SMB and FTP box) the 
> functionality in Windows seems the most intact, with Mac OS X it's 
> noticeably broken, and with Ubuntu it's 90% broken with the intermittent 
> moment of functionality. OS compatibility is absolutely important, and 
> having the pleasure of once using FreeNAS for experimentation, I'm 
> looking forward to the day when someone makes a small, open standard NAS 
> that runs off that.
> Let me know if you can offer more information specifically regarding 
> compatibility with all three operating systems, and especially the use 
> of a modern file system on the storage device rather than what I'm 
> experiencing with the Nexstar LX (fat32) which barfs up half the files I 
> try to put on it because of the file names.
> Thanks Tim. I'm looking forward to getting more input on these devices, 
> particularly if anyone has one they're particularly content with.
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