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Fri Mar 28 10:13:09 CDT 2008

You're right, we probably do need to focus on two at a time as these
are mostly separate from each other in function
They could be built as separate executables initially. We can work on
the best plan for integration as we get more of our "features"
accomplished. Very few of these will have to share any data.

As for my church, I would think our more immediate need would be to
organize tithing & donation records.

Membership would tie into this as they would share the same pools of members

Mailing lists and visitation records would be another application of
code similar to membership.

As would keeping track of our missionaries, though they would have
communications(email and letter updates, documents) and associated
with them. I would also include amounts promised and given to them
over periods.

Next, while we do not track attendance individually, but do keep
counts for services and sunday school ( I do it myself). We also keep
counts for Sunday School campaigns and Kid's Time (Wednesday bible
study for children).

After these I would start on integrating a statistical package, as I
know my Pastor and the Trustees like to analyze the numbers regularly
and we show much of this analysis at the church's quarterly meetings.

So those are my top items. Not exactly two, but I'm sure code can be
reused quite a bit between most of these.

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 9:01 PM, Robert W. <robertwo at insightbb.com> wrote:
> Okay, so a high-level list of functionality includes...
> * Track donations
>  * Track attendance
>  * Promotional mailings
>  * Worship service scheduling (bulletins, announcements, others?)
>  * Worship service execution (slides, recordings)
>  * Manage ministry/administrative teams
>  * Time tracking for employees
>  * Pay bills
>  * Payroll, taxes, and other accounting goodies
>  * Membership roll
>  * Mailing list
>  Imagine we could only work on two at a time. Which two would make the
>  biggest impact for the most churches?
>  Obviously, the project needs to get in the door. And the more churches
>  that pick it up, the more word spreads. So which pieces deliver the
>  most value for our effort? What gets the project installed inside the
>  most churches?
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