[CS-FSLUG] XO laptop, courseware, wireless buses

Ed Dodds dodds at conmergence.com
Fri Mar 28 06:26:17 CDT 2008

 Two big themes in biz media today are ethics (financial sector scandals,
subprime, etc.)and collaboration. Ultimately, these are "God questions". If
open courseware (Curriki, Dspace model as appropriate for XO screens ) which
addresses these themes is made available then teachable moments will likely
occur. And targeted prayer. It is a case of Christians collaborating with
the Holy Spirit. 

Also, I heard of a story where a Vanderbilt professor was wiring rural
school buses for wireless internet since they were daily wasting hours
during the commute -- http://www.aspirnaut.org/ What content they study will
be determined by what's available. - Ed Dodds

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here it is


> Yes, reaching Christian youth is great.  Even better is the possible 
> opportunity to reach non-Christians.

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