[CS-FSLUG] XO laptop

Yama Ploskonka yama at netoso.com
Thu Mar 27 22:14:45 CDT 2008

A somewhat old thread, that I lost because I got very deep into the OLPC 
/ XO thing (I'm subscribed to several of their lists, etc).

Yes, reaching Christian youth is great.  Even better is the possible 
opportunity to reach non-Christians.  Haven't seen a way in into this 
angle.  Not that it's not possible or forbidden - work is being done, 
even though some list posters go rude when they learn that you are a 
There was some Bible project  in the official wiki, but I cannot find it now


Ron Thompson wrote:
>    What had come to mind was that many of these laptops will reach Christian 
> youth in developing countries.  This may be an opportunity to provide them 
> with Christian based material, including Sunday school study material.
>    Is the Christian Linux community working on software and e-books that will 
> work on the XO laptop?
>     Has anyone on the list participated in the "give one get one" offer?
>          Ron T.
> On Sunday 09 December 2007 21:07, Jon Mark Allen wrote:
>> On 12/9/07, Kim Chupe <k_chupe at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> don't know about swordfish but you can try bibletime
>>> which only runs on some linux systems or try
>>> gnomesword which seems to be good for now. you can use
>>> e-sword but have to install wine which doesn't seem to
>>> be completely stable. hope this helps
>> I've tried Bibletime countless times in the past, but could never find
>> a version that was easily readable (like NASB or ESV, or even NIV if
>> necessary... :-)  Now I know the NASB and NIV aren't available w/o a
>> purchase but I could never understand why the ESV was available for
>> free for e-Sword but not as a SWORD module.
>> I can't tell you how elated I was to find tonight the ESV in the SWORD
>> module list!  This is absolutely my favorite version and to finally
>> find it in SWORD just really makes my night... :-)  The Crossway Bible
>> folks have done so much to make ESV accessible through so many
>> different mediums (RSS, iCal, APIs) it's great to see another avenue I
>> can use to read Scripture.
>> Just couldn't help sharing my excitement.. :-D
>> JM

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