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Yama Ploskonka yama at netoso.com
Thu Mar 27 21:45:07 CDT 2008

Maybe someone can (off list maybe?) enlighten me on whether there are 
any benefits in bottom-posting?  If the mail reader automatically jumped 
to the beginning of the most recent post, that would make sense.
Until that time, the convenience of top posting for me is that I can see 
the very first few lines of a new post and decide if the [delete] digit 
gets exercise or not... :-)
Otherwise I have to scroll down...  Too much work, with about 80-120 
posts I receive per day.

Frank Bax wrote:
> Fred A. Miller wrote:
>> I'm a co-moderator on several lists and we now mandate bottom 
>> posting because top posters created too much grief for everyone else. 
> It's sad to think that a solution found for your other lists should be 
> applied to every list you participate in - without any discussion on the 
> subject.  Some email clients do not allow bottom posting (my BlackBerry 
> does not).  Soon another "rule" will be imposed that the amount of "new" 
> content in an email be more than the "quoted" portion; or that all 
> "signatures" be removed before reply.  It's my opinion that email is 
> perhaps the wrong tool for discussions like those happening on this list 
> at the moment.  The problem is; no better tool presents itself at the 
> moment.  I think that as long as we are using the wrong tool for the 
> job; we should avoid adding more "rules" in an attempt to fix/hide the 
> underlying problem.
> Frank
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