[CS-FSLUG] Administrative note: A Christian community is shutting down.

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Thu Mar 27 10:21:14 CDT 2008

Frank Bax wrote:

>> I'm a co-moderator on several lists and we now mandate bottom 
>> posting because top posters created too much grief for everyone else. 
> It's sad to think that a solution found for your other lists should be 
> applied to every list you participate in - without any discussion on the 
> subject.  Some email clients do not allow bottom posting (my BlackBerry 
> does not).  Soon another "rule" will be imposed that the amount of "new"

The hot-button issue which never dies!

I seem to recall our host and moderators have rejected making this a
rule. It doesn't always matter as much as some would contend. (Yeah,
Fred, you're still my friend, and I still run SUSE :-D)

It's part of the "Go ahead, put your feet up on the coffee table. Slosh
a little coffee and we'll let you mop it up once you get up to refill
your cup. It's your cup; wash it yourself when you feel like it. Or not."

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