[CS-FSLUG] Church Management Software

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Wed Mar 26 21:27:52 CDT 2008

EnzoAeneas wrote:
> The software shouldn't be dependent on a dedicated server being
> available or even a server at all; that being said, it should be able
> to take advantage of the increased capabilities of a dedicated server.
> This would give us two primary flavors:
> 1. desktop: able to update peer2peer, to web, file share
> 2. server: interacts with desktop client or provides web-interface;
> best for larger# of users
> Data should be able to flow from one flavor to the other in a
> reasonable manner (we would have to determine the what that means)
> For distribution there are more options
> 1. rpm/.deb/ubuntu .deb packages for Linux complete with initial set scripts
> 2. .exe / .msi installers for windows
> 3. Virtual machine image or pre-packaged Virtual machine
> implementation (only runs our 
>     software)
> I absolutely agree that security updates is outside of our scope for
> the most part and that it is imperative that we make a commitment to
> this once we get started.

I'd add another monkey wrench to this. If there were software available, 
and I had anything to do with a setup at any church, Ubuntu WOULDN'T be 
my recommendation, it would be openSUSE.


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