[CS-FSLUG] Church Management Software

Robert W. robertwo at insightbb.com
Wed Mar 26 18:44:34 CDT 2008

EnzoAeneas <enzoaeneas at gmail.com> wrote:
> We would keep most if not all of the power of the server
> implementation without scaring those without members who are as
> interested in the technical aspects as we are.
> Anybody agree? disagree? Let's get more voices in this discussion!

What are the problems being solved? What is it that churches do where
computers can help?

Sorry, my co-workers hate it when I start asking questions like that.
"Church management" paints different pictures for different people. For
example, I thought of these things...

* Track donations
* Track attendance
* Promotional mailings
* Worship service scheduling (bulletins, announcements, others?)
* Worship service execution (slides, recordings)
* Manage ministry/administrative teams
* Time tracking for employees
* Pay bills
* Payroll, taxes, and other accounting goodies

I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff.

Robert W.
robertwo at insightbb.com

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