[CS-FSLUG] Administrative note: A Christian community is shutting down.

Warren Sanders warren at sandersonline.org
Wed Mar 26 10:32:33 CDT 2008

veritosproject at gmail.com wrote:
> I'm a member of Christdot (christdot.org), a site that is somewhat
> like a small Christian Slashdot. The admin is shutting the place down,
> so we're all talking about where we will move. I was thinking of
> introducing this list to the membership of that site.
> Their group is quite a bit less "serious" than this list. Not all
> would be able to join here, as Christdot does not require belief to
> join (this was intentional, as they wanted to at least _talk_ to
> non-believers and hear their input (regardless of its truth).
> Their theological range is quite diverse, ranging from Baptist to
> Pentecostal Mennonite to Orthodox and Catholic.
> What are your opinions on whether I should make known the existence of
> this list to the members of the site?
And IMHO, I had a sense there were already ppl here of the mentioned 
denominations.  I think we tend to know that, yet I don't recall any 
issue ever being raised over our differences.

The point I'd like to bring to the table is we need to be "inclusive".  
If this virtual group were a physical meeting place, I would hope we 
wouldn't be having this conversation about letting others in the door.  
If there were ppl in this group without faith in God... they too would 
not fit the guidelines and therefore be "excluded".

I have faith in our God who continues to teach me His truths.  I don't 
fear the chance of being swayed by another's' belief/theology/dogma.  I 
put it all to the test God's Word teaches us.

Lets welcome them with open arms!

Warren Sanders

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