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You all make very good points. The software I envision would need to be 
very fault tolerant and allow for error correction mechanisms.
But also simple to deploy and with good documentation. A support group 
wouldn't hurt.

Can ChurchInfo/InfoCentral be salvaged to this end? Is anyone interested 
in working on such an endeavor?


pastor.george at nehemiah-center.org wrote:
> I love you Ed truly I do but this pastor has NEVER drawn a salary.  Fact
> is I pay the rent, oil and electric more often than not.  I think there
> are a lot of small churches like mine that have pastors that are making
> tents all day long and then have to put in 40 - 60 hours being pastor on
> top of it.
> Whoop love to stay and chat but I got to go plunge the toilet!
>> Hmmm, sounds like churches had better start making tech grok a pastoral
>> requirement -- they always seem to have money for the pastor's salary
>> ;-)It
>> certainly is time that seminaries and such incorporate new
>> media/cybermissiology as part of their required ministry curriculum. But I
>> digress...
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>> This would be a good solution
>> I mean I could install all that stuff and get it to work but its like can
>> most pastors actually do that or even have some one in the congregation
>> who
>> can?  Remember the majority of churches do not have an IT dept nor money
>> in
>> excess to pay some one to do it for them.
>> PG
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